Overcome Electric Crises, Pertagas Build LNG Terminal in Bali

News Summary: PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) build refinery for liquid natural gas (LNG) in in Benoa Port, to overcome electric crises in Bali.

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) build refinery for liquid natural gas (LNG) in in Benoa Port, to overcome electric crises in Bali.

CEO Pertagas, Hendra Jaya describe in Indonesia Most Visited Travel Destination, the growth of demand for electricity is 14 %, the highest In Indonesia.

Therefore, with availability of LNG Supply there will impact to the availability primary energy for generate electricity in Bali.

“With the development of  LNG Receiving Terminal Facility in Benoa Port, Denpasar Bali, will be overcome the electric crises in Dewata Island (nick name for Bali Island),” Hendra Said, In Jakarta Monday (15/12/2014)             

Hendra told, the terminal LNG currently in preparation process for development, based on scheduled there will be operated in 2016. The Supply of LNG from this facility will be consume by Electric Generator owned by PT Indonesia Power, one of subsidiary PLN (National Electricity Company) which located in Pesanggaran , Bali.

“This Power generator is one of three others that located in Bali, beside in Gilimanuk and Pemaron. The power generator in Pesanggaran is the biggest one.” Hendra said.

In other way, the development of this LNG Terminal is one of synergy from BUMN (Indonesian state owned enterprises), between Pertamina represented by Pertagas, Pelindo III, and Indonesia Power as a consumer of this LNG and also with central government and local government.

“This is a commitment of infrastructure development which objectives is to increase local economic growth” , Hendra said.

The development of this LNG terminal will be using land-base terminal concept with the needs of 5 acre area in Benoa Port Facility. The Diesel Power Generator and Gas Power Generator (PLTDG) Pesanggaran, has 200 MW capacity, currently using diesel fuel and will be switch of to Gas Energy after this facility ready. This is parallel with Indonesian Government objectives to gas energy switch.

With Availability gas supply using easy to get LNG, this will make the demand of electricity in Bali fulfilled.

The development of this LNG terminal, still waiting the Master Plan of Benoa Port , which this approval need recommendation from Local government of Bali Province, in line with Master Plan of Land Denpasar City.

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