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News Summary: Light blue colored fishing boat belongs Narsito now no longer dependent on diesel

Light blue colored fishing boat belongs Narsito now no longer dependent on diesel. Men who used to sail the whole night was just awarded by government a package of LPG 3 kg together with converter kit and a 5.5 hp engine. With the package, Narsito can save everyday spending.

"Usually need 2ltr overnight. The price of gasoline in here, Rp6.900," said Narsito met on the sidelines of the launch of the 15th Nusantara Day in the Nelayan Nusantara Kejawanan Fishing Port, Cirebon, West Java, on Monday (1/6).

35-year-old man was also happy because the tools that granted the Directorate General of Oil and Gas Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources it can not only be used for LPG. "Gasoline also still be in the tank. So, its not a problem if LPG become scarce," he said.

From the government's calculation, 6.5 HP engine that used to spend as much as 2.5 liters of diesel per day can be reduced the use of energy. If using 3 kg LPG, fuel can last 4-5 days. From that price calculations, it is very eflsien. From 6.5 HP engine case, the cost of diesel could reach Rp 17,250 per day. 3 kg LPG in Cirebon has price range of Rp 19,000-Rp 20,000 can be used up to 4-5 days at sea.

Not only Narsito, Wirantono also expect similar things. The conversion program for the fishermen really hoped would save the cost of daily fuel. "It said the price is much more efficient, so i want to try that," said 37-year-old fisherman.

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said claimed conversion Oil to Gas fuel for fishermen could save up to 60%. This year, the government will provide 50,000 converter kits to fishermen in some areas. At the launch of the Nusantara Day, the Directorate General of Oil and Gas gives about 1,000 conversion package for fishermen in Cirebon.

According to Sudirman, it will incorporate fishermen into Oil to Gas conversion program. Currently, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 26/2009 on the Provision and Distribution of liquefied petroleum gas set 3 kg LPG reserved only households and SMEs. (Jes / E3)

Media Indonesia :: 03 Juni 2015, Hal 18

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