Gas Trading


The main activity in the gas trading business sector is the sales of gas allocated for industry, household and other commercial sectors. From this gas business sector the Pertamina Gas received revenue in the form of sales margin. In developing the gas trading business, the Company also commissioned subsidiary: PT Pertagas Niaga as a company engaged in gas trading activities. This is done as the implementation of the Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 19 of 2009 on Natural Gas Activities through Pipelines, which regulates the separation of gas transportation and gas trading business. The realization of gas trading volume in 2016 reached 51,849 BBTU.


Some strategies have been undertaken by the Company during 2016, in the effort to develop the trading, including:

a.     Mapping the potential development of gas trading market.

b.     Entering into Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement (PJBG) with new customers.

c.     Seeking new sources of gas derived from the Contract of Work Cooperation (KKKS) and synergy of subsidiaries of PT Pertamina (Persero) to meet gas demands and increasing the existing pipes capacity.


In engaging in the gas trading business the Pertamina Gas serves several types of customers:

1.     Industry

Industrial customers including the power generation and manufacturing sectors, namely fertilizer, ceramic, metal, paper, wood, cement, food, textile and other manufacturing industries.

2.     Commercial

Commercial customers including the office centers, SPBG, MRU, CNG, shopping center and other commercial enterprises (traders).

3.     Household

It includes the residential neighborhoods spread across some cities in Indonesia.



PGN Supply 54 BBTUD to PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda through PT Pertagas Niaga

Jakarta – Through PT Pertagas Niaga (PTGN), PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN) made novation and amendment of Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) with PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda (PIM). The signed of GSA held virtually by CEO PT Pertagas Niaga, Linda Sunarti and CEO PIM (31/08/20). This signed ceremony attended by Minister of The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM) Arifin Tasrif, Plt. Dirjen Migas KESDM Ego Syahrial, Head of SKK Migas Dwi Soetjipto, CEO PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati, CEO PGN Suko Hartono and CEO PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) Bakir Pasaman.....

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Sinergi Subholding Gas, Pertagas Uji Coba Alirkan Gas Perdana ke BOB Siak Pusako

SIAK – PT Pertamina Gas selaku afiliasi dari subholing gas PT PGN Tbk dan PT Pertamina (Persero) melakukan uji coba penyaluran gas perdana untuk pipa gas distribusi untuk Badan Operasional Bersama (BOB) PT Bumi Siak Pusako. Tahapan ini dilakukan setelah konstruksi pipa diselesaikan dan PHE Jambi Merang (bagian dari subholding hulu Pertamina) serta Pertagas menyampaikan nominasi gas kepada Transportasi Gas Indonesia (TGI – afiliasi subholding gas), sesuai perjanjian transportasi gas antara Pertagas dan TGI.....

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