Occupational Health and Safety


Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE) becomes an important part that never misses the Company’s attention. The Company’s business is closely related to the risks that threaten the workers given the nature of the natural gas that is highly flammable. Pertamina Gas is very concerned about the safety of the workers, therefore the obligations that bestowed unto the Company has developed into a strong commitment that made us constantly improve the HSE.

The implementation of HSE is not only carried out by the Company alone, but also all employee, without exception. Excellent coordination between employees and field personnel will be able to make all parties aware of the risk that always threatens every operational process. Dissemination of information and training aspects of the HSE have both been done systematically and periodically to all employees via the internal media that is easy to be accessed and already understood by all workers. Through the optimum application of HSE, worker’s health and safety will be assured, as well as the entire assets of the Company, which in turn provide positive impact in Company’s effort to maintain the environment and harmony both physically and socially.

  1. Safety Performance
    In the aspect of occupational safety, performance realization of Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) which is a Incident Rate Index was recorded at 0 (nil), with a total safe working hour performance in Pertamina Gas at 26,256,768 up until 2014.
  2. Zero Accident
    The Company is determined to become a World Class Enterprise that emphasizes superior quality in all aspects, including occupational health and safety in operations. This commitment makes company able to ensure the safety of the workers
  3. Contractor Safety Management System
    As mentioned previously, ensuring job safety could not be done by the Company alone. It takes a huge level of participation and cooperation from stakeholders, including employees and contractors as the Company’s partner. Each contractor shall be subject to the system for Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) which has been prepared by the Company to be able to implement the requirements of the HSE in working contract that has been undertaken. The contract requirements have been understood and agreed upon between the Company and contractor when cooperation takes place from Prequalification up until the Evaluation stage.
  4. Equipment Certification and Inspection
    Certification of equipment is very important to be done so that workers may carry out their duties and responsibilities optimally in a safe environment.
  5. Housekeeping Contest
    HSE Awareness could not be promoted occasionally. The implementation should be done regularly so that every worker can instill the importance of HSE awareness in every business operations. Therefore, the Company has created the program of Housekeeping Contest & Safety Audit. Through this program, the Company may assess the effectiveness of safety systems and operations.
  6. International Sustainability Rating System (ISRS)
    International Sustainability Rating System (ISRS) is a safety working system and business continuity that is based on the aspects that are recognized in the corporate world of international. The existence of ISRS is very important to assess the implementation of the HSE in all operational aspects of Pertamina Gas. It was also proof of our commitment to achieve the grand vision to become a World Class Enterprise in 2015.


Management of Bio-Diversity

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