Pertagas Supply CNG to Teluk Lamong Terminal


News Summary: PT Pertagas Niaga will supply CNG for all trucks at Teluk Lamong that owned by Pelindo III

BISNIS INDONESIA: Saturday, 06 September 2014 Page. 9, Thomas Mola

SURABAYA – PT Pertagas Niaga will supply CNG for all trucks at Teluk Lamong that owned by Pelindo III. Gas is claimed more efficient than oil. President Director PT Pertagas Niaga Jugi Prajogio said the CNG utilization at Teluk Lamong propose to support the energy conversion that proclaimed Government. Its relevant with the terminal vision to support eco green port concept.

“It’s a synergy among Government Own Companies,” he said to Bisnis, at Surabaya, Friday (5/9)

Jugi explained in the first stage, CGN supply to Teluk Lamong will use Gas Transport Module (GTM) or trucks. But, in future the company will build distribution pipe and mother station at Teluk Lamong Terminal in order to better service quality.

The company target is the both development will be started next year then the operation can be started in 2016. Because, the company projected the CNG requirement at the terminal will growth significantly in line with the terminal operation.

Jugi projected demand in 2015 is 21.9 million liters of premium equivalent (lsp). It's growing up to 73 million lsp in 2020. Within this context, Thursday (5/9), PT Pertagas Niaga and PT Terminal Teluk Lamong do Head of Agreement (HoA) for the CNG transaction. At the occasion the company also did MoU with PT Pertamina Lubricants to supply lubricants for all machines at the terminal.

President Director PT Terminal Teluk Lamong Prasetyadi said fuel gas utilization will reduce operation cost which increase revenue. The use fuel gas is claimed more efficient than oil up to 40%.

“Oil price most probably will increase, so the choice to use fuel gas will be more efficient. The comparison is premium price Rp. 12,000 currently while gas still Rp. 5,000,” he said.

Prasetyadi said the terminal is the first port in Indonesia that apply eco green port concept. The CNG utilization more promising because government plan to remove oil subsidy that increase significantly.

Meanwhile, Teluk Lamong Terminal is part of MP3EI project for reducing overload of Tanjung Perak Terminal. The project with Rp. 4.1 trillion investment is scheduled to operate in next October.   

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