Pertagas Consistently Supply demand of national LPG


News Summary: PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) through its subsidiary namely PT Pertamina Gas Samtan continue to boost production of LPG for domestic needs

PRABUMULIH, Augustus 20 2015 - PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) through its subsidiary namely PT Pertamina Gas Samtan continue to boost production of LPG for domestic needs. Evidently, since the operation in 2013 until July 2015, Agric-Samtan Gas has produced as much as 421 916 metric tons of LPG and condensate 1,412,049 bbls.
In terms of sales, production of LPG produced Agric-Samtan gas is entirely allocated to the needs of national LPG. "Agric-Samtan LPG sold to Integrated Supply Chain Pertamina, to supply domestic LPG demand. While the condensate is returned to Pertamina EP, "said Adiatma Sardjito,Corporate Secretary PT Pertamina Gas, Kamis (20/8). Since fully commercial in 2013 to July 2015 Gas Plant Agric-Samtan have sold as many as 419 115 metric tons of LPG and condensates amounted to 1,401,199 bbls.
For two and a half years of commercial operation, according Adiatma, Agric-Samtan Gas has been able to optimize all resources to provide maximum contribution to Pertagas as the parent company. "Not only that, the production of LPG Agric-Samtan also capable of making a real contribution to the reduction of imports of LPG," continued Adiatma. 
In addition to the operational, financial Agric-Samtan Gas also showed considerable financial performance relied on in support of Pertagas performance. In 2014, a subsidiary of Pertagas posted revenue of US $ 109.4 million, or 16% of total operating revenues Pertagas. Net profit Agric-Samtan Gas reached US $ 46 million or 22% of total net income Pertagas.
Agric-Samtan Gas stood since May 7, 2008 which is engaged in the processing gas is owned by Pertagas (66%) and companies from South Korea that Samtan co., Tld (34%). Agric Samtan Gas has two LPG processing plant in South Sumatra. Refinery Extraction Prabumulih built in 2010 and Fractionation in Sungai Gerong refinery in 2011. The source gas from the Field Lemons owned PT Pertamina EP, the second refinery in 2013 began to be operated commercially, to contribute to national LPG procurement. 
Looking ahead, according Adiatma, challenges to be faced Agric-Samtan Gas is still a lot, one of which is the decline in world oil prices which affect the price of LPG production. However, Pertagas as one shareholder Agric-Samtan Gas remains optimistic. "It is precisely this situation to be a challenge and should be a improve performance," he said.

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