Gas Pipe Arun - Belawan Operate

News Summary: After construction phase started from August 2013 and commitment of supply from SKK Migas

JAKARTA – After construction phase started from August 2013 and commitment of supply from SKK Migas. PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) finally start operate Gas Pipe Arun Belawan. 

For this commissioning phase, Pertagas has gas allocation for 185 million feet cubic per day (MMSCFD) from ExxonMobil (EMOI).

This gas pipe project with capacity of 300 MMSCFD and 350 kilometers long has been crowned by Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy Sudirman Said and also Pertamina New Energy Director Yenni Andayani, yesterday (11/12).

"The Government will continuing support and facilitate Pertagas to make sure Arun-Belawan Normally start until commercial phase to provide the need of energy for people in North Sumatera and Aceh." Sudirman said.

CEO of Pertagas Hendra Jaya describe that this project will be finished on schedule. During this commissioning phase this will start in PLN (National Electric Company) Electric Generation area in North Sumatera, Belawan Sector because PLN is our Major Customer that will be distributed our first gas from this pipe.

"We pleased to announce that gas pipe of Arun - Belawan has been operated to make sure gas supply for this area running well and this will be leverage to overcome lack of electricity and needs of Energy for Industry. This really need by the people of Aceh and North Sumatera to increase their economic sector." Hendra said yesterday.

If this commissioning phase running smoothly, Gas Pipe Arun - Belawan will be start commercially on First Quarter of 2015. Next step, Pertagas will be develop 120 kilometers Gas Pipe to supply gas for National Industry in Kawasan Industri Medan (KIM) until Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus (KEKSei Mengkei.

The gas will be supply by Regasification LNG Arun that operated by PT Perta Arun Gas (PAG), this will be start in January 2015.

"If there is no drawback, in June 2015 this pipe will be operated to make sure KIM and KEK Sei Mengkei will be central of economic growth for North Sumatera". Hendra Said.


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