Gresem Piping Increase Industry Performance in Central Java and East Java


News Summary: In order to realize their commitment to build gas infrastructure, PT. Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) starting to assembly Gas Pipe from Gresik – Semarang (Gresem) with approximately length of 271 kilo meters

Joko Sulistyo, Sebuah pipa minyak (ilustrasi)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BOJONEGORO – In order to realize their commitment to build gas infrastructure, PT. Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) starting to assembly Gas Pipe from Gresik – Semarang (Gresem) with approximately length of 271 kilo meters. This Gas Piping projects has aims to ensure gas distribution in Central Java – East Java.

Pertagas CEO, Hendra Jaya in his explanation today, Wednesday (8th October 2014) in Bojonegoro, this project using the open access concept to create gas integration in Java Island.

This project ground breaking crowned by Economic Minister Coordinator Chairul Tanjung, has capacities of 500 million MMSCFD. The contractor for this project are Wijaya Karya, PT and Remaja Bangun Kencana Kontraktor – Kelsri planned in 18 months this project should be finish and starting go on stream first quarter of 2016.

All pipes physically will be through and pass 4 district / city in Central Java and 3 from East Java. The pipes starting Gresik Metering Station Pertagas and finished in Tambak Lorok.

Hendra confidence all process and activity for this project will be finish on time, most likely because of socialization process to local government has been actively started before the project starts. Total investment for these new pipes is 515.7 million dollar US.

Pertagas has been gathered allocation gas excess from Kangean East Java for 30 MMSCFD in 2016. Other way in 2019 Pertagas will have another gas supply from Cepu Lapangan Tiung Biru and Cendana with size 100 MMSCFD and another gas potential from Cepu Lapangan Alas Tua with size 110 MMSCFD start from 2022.

Hendra Jaya request support from all stakeholder in Central Java and East Java to participate the Gresem Piping Project. “This project has strategic value, not only to support government policy for converting traditional BBM (gasoline) to gas industry but it also to create integrating gas infrastructure in Java Island as foundation of national economic” detail of his speaks.

Pertagas efforts to realize this Gresem Piping has receive positive support and participation from local government of East Java and Central Java. The Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo has opened the gate widely for Pertagas to speed up development of this project, to give return the investment for government and people.

“We support piping project Gresik – Semarang to give great impact for Industry, multiplier effect to people and to increase local revenue for improving infrastructure in Central Java”, Ganjar said. Soekarwo as East Java Governor has same perspective with Ganjar, he said that not all over supply for gas did not return to society.

In the future after Gas Pipe Gresem installed and operated, all segments of pipe that already pass through the pipeline, the people will utilize the gas also for living things and transportation. “As soon as the pipe finished, more utilization for gas will be rise and reach all sector in East Java.


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