Ready for Gas Supply to North Sumatera Industries


News Summary: PT PERTAMINA GAS (Pertagas) commit to support infrastructure development for North Sumatera Industry.

JAKARTA – PT PERTAMINA GAS (Pertagas) commit to support infrastructure development for North Sumatera Industry. This project collaborate with other government owned company, some subsidiaries of Pertamina which has assigned to supplied gas needs to Kawasan Industri Medan (KIM) and Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus (KEK) in Sei Mangkei, North Sumatera.

This project started with ground breaking ceremonies by President of Indonesia Joko Widodo in Kuala Tanjung and Sei Mangkei as a new harbor development and Industrial Area, yesterday (27/1). The Pipe gas infrastructure and metering system which developed by Pertagas is one of other projects that has been announced during this ceremonies.

Indonesian Government assigned some of their owned company to prepare main infrastructure. PT Pelindo I, will be build Multipurpose harbor, Aluminium manufacture will be develop by Inalum and Central Area Industry will be developed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara III as well.

CEO Pertagas, Hendra Jaya told the participation of Pertagas in this project is one of commitment for continuing action from the  operation of Arun – Belawan Pipeline project (Arbel).

After development of Arun – Belawan pipeline project finish in last 2014, Pertagas will accelerate the development of pipe distribution to KIM with length of 18,5 km and KEK Sei Mankei with 138 Km lengths. “The progress of development pipe distribution to KIM and KEK has already 55% complete, the commissioning phase for this pipe distribution will be ready in 2015”. Hendra told.

The Belawan – KIM 18” pipe segment has capacity of 89 mmscfd. Meanwhile KIM-KEK segment with 12” pipe has capacity of 40 MMSCFD. The Benefits for Pertagas after these pipelines complete will be maximize the regasification of Arun. “With the availability of regasification terminal, the supply of gas will be surplus and not depend only to gas source near gas pipeline“ He told.   

Hendra later said, gas distribution to KIM and KEK will be operate by Pertagas Niaga a subsidiaries Company of Pertagas. There will be another area has been mapping besides KIM and KEK as a target market for this gas, Belawan, Kuala Tanjung, Bandara Kuala Namu, Tanjung Morawa, Yos Sudarso and KIM Star. “In Belawan, Tanjung Morawa and KIM, some industries has signed contract with Pertagas Niaga to buy our gas” He told. 

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