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News Summary: Two state-owned company engaged in oil and gas, Pertamina and PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk

Finding Clean Energy Joint Efforts

PARIS, KOMPAS - Two state-owned company engaged in oil and gas, Pertamina and PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk, participated in the exhibition and the World Gas Conference 26th in Paris, France, which opened on Tuesday (2/6).

International event held every three years was followed by 4,000 delegates from 100 countries.

While exhibitions featuring booths from a number of oil and gas companies in the world, such as Chevron, China International Natural Gas, oil and gas companies of the French Total and Korean Gas (KOGAS).

The main issues at the conference is how to pursue environment friendly energy product to create a better world.

President of International Gas Union, Jerome Ferrier said, the World Gas Conference (WGC) in Paris last held in 1937.

This time, Paris returned to host the 26th WGC with the theme: "Growing Together Towards A Friendly Planet".

On that occasion, Ferrier thanked French President François Hollande, who has opened a WGC event in 2015.

World gas exhibition and conference is a prestigious event, because it is an opportunity for professionals and industry engaged in the gas industry to mutually discuss and explore the world gas trade transactions.

Kompas journalist, Tjahja Gunawan Diredja, reports, thousands of delegates from a number of countries came to the event for networking and business cooperation in the field of gas.

They consist of policy makers and the chief executive of gas companies in the world. From Indonesia President Director of PT Pertamina present Soetjipto and leaders of the SOE subsidiaries.

Pipeline construction

According to Hendra Jaya, President Director of Pertamina Gas, it is preparing the construction of a gas pipeline project from Semarang-Gresik and Semarang-Cirebon along 270 kilometers.

"The project was built along with the increasing demand of gas for industrial and electricity grid," said Hendra Jaya.

According to him, other than in Java, Pertamina Gas also build a gas pipeline from Arun to the industrial area in Belawan, Medan.

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